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About Me:

Dani Traci

I'm Dani Traci and after 15 years of working in food service and retail, like many of you, I hit my braking point when COVID hit.

Unable to take time off, the blatant disregard for my safety, and feeling completely helpless, I knew it was time to take control of my life and my finances.

Looking back, I realized how so much of my life and free time was dictated by my job!

Specifically as a female, I thought about limited maternity leave, unable to stay home with kids when they are sick due to limited sick days, days when I felt like death from PMS and I still had to go to work, limited time spent with family, misogynistic bosses and managers, sexual harassment from line cooks...I had enough.

I've done everything in the online space. And I mean EVERYTHING. After developing skills that allowed me to start my own business, I want to help other females do the same. Grow their skills, engage in a community of support, and be guided through EVERY aspect of starting an online business.

Ready to join a community that will help you take the first steps to owning an online business you LOVE while empowering your financial feminist and freedom?

My Goals

I'm dedicated to helping females begin their journey to owning their own online business, step into their feminine financial power, and take total control of their life as a result of their business.


Surround yourself with women who are just as determined to own their own business.

Connect with like minded women and find support along your journey.


Not sure if you have the right skills? Where do you even start?

We're here to help you learn the exact skills you need in a streamlined, focused & timely manner.


From courses to free trainings, resources and advice from the community, no matter what obstacle you come across, we are all here for you in your journey to success in online entrepreneurship.

Let's Connect!


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